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    The polymathic David Boles is THE Script Professor!

He will work closely with you to improve the content and structure of all your writing using Passion and Magnitude and The Rules of Irrevocable Change.

David Boles has fixed or critiqued film, television and stage scripts for producers Martin Richards and Sam Crothers of The Producer Circle in New York; New York literary agent Helen Merrill; Los Angeles and New York author Peter Stone; and both Ford's Theatre and the Arena Stage located in Washington, D.C. as well as many other professional and aspiring writers and production companies across the international entertainment industry.

Stationed along the Eastern Corridor, David Boles is convenient for in-person work in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey and for the rest of the known universe via the ethereal world of the web.

For five years David reviewed movies for KOLN/KGIN-TV and he also served as the East Coast Correspondent for eyepiece -- the official publication of the Guild of British Camera Technicians.

You may read his Narrative Bio.

You can visit his Curriculum Vitae.

You should read his thoughts on what it means to change from Script Doctor into Script Professor.

If you are ready to begin your studies in writing a script or a movie or a term paper or a play or a dissertation or some other editorial project, please email David Boles right now by using the email address at the bottom of this page to set up the process for your creative development!

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